Grab the Microphone and Sing a Tune

Visit Guitar Bar for karaoke night

Are you a karaoke fanatic? Do you love to sing and entertain? Would you sing your heart out for a chance at winning a cash prize? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you need to check out Guitar Bar. We have karaoke every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night.

We also host a karaoke competition the last weekend of every month. Winners can earn $20, $35 or $50 cash prizes! Call today for more details.

Show off your pipes at Guitar Bar

Show off your pipes at Guitar Bar

You can always use more excuses to have fun. Our karaoke nights at Guitar Bar are fun for everyone. Come by Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to:

  • Challenge a friend to a singing battle
  • Blow off some steam by singing for a rowdy crowd
  • Entertain your friends for a fun birthday celebration

Even if you don’t get up and sing, you’ll be wildly entertained by our talented competitors. Learn more about our karaoke nights by calling 580-699-8810 today.